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We built a company based on respect to the land and the people that inhabits it. That enables us to create amazing products and experiences in an honest way and give back to our Mother Earth through the communities we work with.


Our SALVA product line offers premium and all-natural cannabis products, and is committed to a mission of improving the health and well-being of our family of customers. As we experience a global health awakening, SALVA offers cannabis products that harness the remarkable therapeutic powers of the cannabis plant, with a variety of simple-to-use applications. We believe in the power of botanical remedies in complement to scientific formulations of cannabinoids, and we are excited to share these benefits with you and your family.

‘The Younger Brothers Trading Company’ has a mission-driven philosophy that sources authentic indigenous products from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains, that started via conservation projects and a decade-long friendship with ‘el Cabildo Santos’ and the Kogi ‘Mamos’, the community spiritual leaders, who have given these products their sacred blessing.

The YBTC certifies that the products you are purchasing are ethically sourced and ensures that direct benefit is received by the indigenous families who make it possible.

SALVATARA is founded on the premise
that we must do good in every place we operate
and every product that we serve our customers.



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